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NCAA Lacrosse Live in NC: North Carolina Tar Heels vs. Air Force Falcons

North Carolina vs. Air Force - Peter Koutroumpis, PKS Consulting LLC


The No. 4/7 North Carolina Tar Heels host the Air Force Falcons for their 2013 season-opener at Fetzer Field in Chapel Hill, N.C. on Friday.

The Tar Heels return a strong attack corps of attackmen led by captain Marcus Holman and have brought in the country's top recruiting class that will strengthen them at all positions.

The Falcons look to get off to a good start during the first of two road games as they travel to take on the High Point Panthers on Sunday.

1st Quarter:
  •  R.G. Keenan wins the faceoff and works the fast break to Marcus Holman who shoots but misses wide right
  • Jimmy Bitter lets a shot go from 10 yards out but hits the left post
  • Chad Tutton lets another shot go but the Falcons keeper makes the save and Air Force clears it
  • A turnover by the Falcons and the Tar Heels clear the ball on the effort of T.J. Kemp who runs it into the box to set up the offense
  • With 9:09 to play, still 0-0 as both teams are measuring up their offenses and defenses - goalies doing a job out there right now
  • Ryan Creighton scores first goal of season for North Carolina at 8:38- 1-0 Tar Heels lead
  • Matt Shannon picks up the GB after the faceoff, but North Carolina turns it over and Air Force sets up its offense
  • Air Force spends more than a minute on the offense with no result after being warned to make progress towards the goal
  • Tar Heels get the ball and set up the offense as the ball works down behind the cage to Holman
  • He finds Sankey and his shot to the near post beats Air Force goalkeeper Austin Fox low - 2-0 Tar Heels lead with 5:46 to play
  • Off the draw, Falcons drawman Erik Smith wins it and runs it down the field and beats Tar Heels keeper Kieran Burke low, past his foot - North Carolina lead is 2-1 with 5:38 to go
  • Air Force comes back with another possession of the faceoff and Danny Brown gets a feed from Tommy McKee to beat Burke and the game is tied 2-2 at the 4:47 mark
  • The Falcons offense is slow and methodical and paralyzing the Tar Heels defense and Kyle Cassady takes advantage of it - scoring to put the Falcons ahead 3-2 with 2:19 to play
  • Tar Heels take a slashing penalty to put the Air Force EMO into effect with 1:32 to go
  • UNC ins a 2-3 zone while Air Force is set in a 2-3-1 and moving the ball to find the inside cutter
  • The Falcons throw it away and the Tar Heels clear it and Holman finds Bitter inside and he takes a shot that beats Fox from 15 yards out - a shorthanded goal ties the game 3-3 with 36 seconds to play
 End of Quarter: North Carolina 3, Air Force 3

2nd Quarter:
  • Smith wins the faceoff and the Falcons get a quick shot on Burke who makes the save
  • At the other end, Fox comes out to challenge and Holman scores on the empty cage on a feed from Sankey - Tar Heels lead 4-3 with 14:19 to go
  • After a timeout, Air Force ties it at 13:50 as Mike Crampton scores off a pass from Marcus Walker - score tied 4-4 now
  • Fox makes a good save on the Tar Heels next offensive sequence and the Falcons clear it successfully and set up their offense - 2-2-2 formation
  • Matt Shanon picks up a GB after Air Force loses control and leads the fast break but Fox makes the save on Holman
  • After the Falcons lose the ball out-of-bounds on the clear, Chad Tutton scores to put the Tar Heels ahead again with 11 minutes to play 
  • Air Force has trouble clearing successful after getting the ball into the UNC half of the field
  • The Tar Heels use their rotating 3-3 formation that sets Tutton up for the shot at the top of the crease, but Fox comes up with the save
  • Falcons trying different isolation set-ups - from the top, side-right, and at X - all to no avail and the Tar Heels clear the ball and make changes
  • Carolina's Will Campbell throws it right into Air Force defender Jake Lindell's stick and he runs it down to begin the fast break which ends with Burke making a save
  • Tar Heels have trouble clearing and a timeout is called
  • Carolina penalized for improper TO - a 30-second violation bu the Falcons can't convert on it - Tar Heels still leading 5-4 with 4:51 to play
  • Smith has the ball behind the cage in an iso-formation (1-4-1) and he drives to the left of Burke's crease and scores, popping the ball into the top-left corner - tie game 5-5 at 4:01 mark
  • Tar Heels come back with Bitter rifling one over Fox's head on a pass from Holman - North Carolina takes the lead again 6-5 with 3:37 to go
  • Carolina with a great offensive sequence but Fox makes the save and Drew Hays runs the clear and feeds Smith on the fast break
  • As Smith winds up to shoot from 15 yards out, Davey Emala checks his stick to break up the shot attept - Carolina gains possession and calls timeout with 1:41 to play
  • Carolina sets up in a 1-4-1 to a 2-3-1 and with another set of cuts finds Sankey open inside to Fox's right and he rips the twine
  • He got the pass was from Holman and Carolina takes its largest lead of the game - two goals - 7-5 at the 1:17 mark 
  • After a timeout, Air Force trying to set up from back-right on the iso-drive and pass to top-right - they come around, but can't get a shot off
  • With 13 seconds, Crampton rips a shot from 20 yards out that beats Burke - 7-6 Tar Heels lead
  • Off the faceoff, North Carolina gets possession and Bitter does the work all by himself to Fox's left as he uses the defender as a screen and scores with one second left to play
End of Half: North Carolina 8, Air Force 6

 3rd Quarter:
  • Keenan wins the face and Creighton picks it up and the Tar Heels set up their offense with Steve Pontrello and Tutton working the ball from top-left and top-right
  • A shot from Emala is stopped by Fox and then Burke makes a save that transitions into a fast break that starts with Tutton, to Holman to Bitter to Fox's left - North Carolina leads 9-6 a the 12:  mark
  • Sankey takes a shot that rings off the cross bar
  • After Air Force can't convert and after a broken play, Creighton picks it up and scores to put Carolina ahead 10-6 at the 10:47 mark
  • Just 13 seconds later and Air Force scores as McKee scores to Burke's right on final pass on the fast break from Keith Dryer - Tar Heels lead is 10-7 with 10:34 to play
  • Carolina keeping pressure from behind the cage and looking for cutters
  • Now working the ball around  and Holman working off the left post 
  • Bitter takes over from that spot and Holman moves to side-right and gets a pass from Bitter who shifted to X behind the cage
  • Holman's shot at the 7:12 mark puts the Tar Heels ahead 11-7
  • On the clear that Air Force tries to trap by the center line results in a delayed offside call and McBride works the ball down from top-right to Holman at side-right who fines Sankey curling at goal line extended and scores on Fox - by the near post - lead is now five goals - 12-7 with 5:44 to play
  • Burke makes a save on 15-yard shot from Walker on two different occasions while the Falcons are on offense
  • Tar Heels on the offense now with Tutton driving from the top before working it down to Bitter
  • Bitter dodges past two defenders coming from the left goal line extended and just misses
  • Holman tries the same thing but is pushed into the crease and Air Force serves a 30-second penalty
  • After the Tar Heels can't convert on the EMO, the Falcons go back to their slower and longer offensive setup
  • Carolina playing a man-zone defense with Air Force initiating the play from X
  • The Falcons turn it over on shot clock violation 
  • With 20 seconds to play the Tar Heels try to work the ball around for a shot but Kemp drops it as time runs down
End of Quarter: North Carolina 12, Air Force 7

4th Quarter:
  • Air Force with possession and on the offense - 2-3-1 with Dreyer quarterbacking offense from X
  • The Falcons shift to a 3-3 in front of Burke and McKee gets a clear shot on Burke who makes the save - still 12-7 North Carolina lead with 11:54 to play
  • Tutton serves one-minute personal foul at 11:15 and Air Force goes on the EMO
  • McKee scores at 10:50 with the extra man on a dodge through traffic - Carolina lead is down to four goals - 12-8 now
  • Tar Heels win the faceoff and on the ensuing offensive set-up, Bitter scores on a low turnaround shot from six yards out and theTar Heels lead is back up to five goals, 13-8, with 9:52 to play
  • Jake Matthai rips a shot from Fox's left - 12 yards out and North Carolina extends its lead to six goals
  • Creighton then gets a pass from Pat Foster and beats Fox as the Tar Heels now lead 15-8 with 8:28 to play 
  • Carolina maintainig offensive control as it looks like Air Force is tiring with under six minutes to play
  • Fox makes a save and Air Force transitions to offense but can't create anything more before the Tar Heels clear it back over
  • Matthai makes a pass into the middle which is picked off and Air Force tries to score off the fast break, but can't
  • Air Force shoots wide to Burke's left and he picks it up off the side of the net
  • Carolina contolling play with Emala setting up an iso from back-right and he drives to the cage but misses
  • Sankey gets the ball of the inbounds and hits the crossbar from Fox's right
  • Pontrello gets a chance to initiate the offense from X and he drives around the crease to Fox's left and he beats the keeper up high - North Carolina leads 16-8 with 1:24 to play
  • With under a minute to play, the Tar Heels have possession and work the ball around to the cage to end the game
  • Air Force gets the ball back with 24 seconds to play and they shoot it wide and then Dreyer hits the cross bar and one more shot that Burke stops to end the game
Final: North Carolina 16, Air Force 8
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